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Physiotherapy Mississauga Services

Our highly trained physiotherapists will help you overcome your pain, and injury, that keep you from enjoying a full quality of life.

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Adjust and realign your lifestyle with our spinal expert of over 10 years to become your Optimal Self.  Enhance your spinal structure to excel and perform better.

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 A well-rounded massage therapy program will reduce stiffness, rejuvenate your muscles and relive your stress that brought on by the day-today grind of life.

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We are one of few clinics in Mississauga and GTA to provide highly innovative approach to treat chronic conditions such as calcifications, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, bursitis and other tendon conditions.

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Our high-quality custom-fit bracing will help you function in your everyday life.  Our fully trained staff will access your condition and will get you a brace best suited for your injury and lifestyle.

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Custom foot orthotics correct poor foot biomechanics by supporting the foot, correct dysfunction, improving strength, and relieve low back pain.

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Direct Bill To Insurance Companies

We accept all private, extended health insurance, motor vehicle accident, workplace injury (WSIB) and slip & fall claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend clients see a physiotherapist first for an assessment to determine the cause of your pain. Massage therapy is great for addressing the muscles and myofacia, where as physiotherapy takes a more overall approach to address injuries. This includes manual therapy, exercise prescription and modalities for pain. In some cases both services are helpful and in others a more active approach is needed .

Depending on your individual plan, most companies cover physiotherapy and massage therapy. It is always good to review your policy or call your insurance to get an idea of your coverage. We will also double check your coverage on the first visit.

Our clinic does not accept OHIP

Yes. If your insurance company allows us to.

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