Why you need a sport massage

We all know the pain after working out or a long day of walking around. Waking up stiff for days after can really put a damper on any activities that you do in daily life. The answer to your pain might just be a sports massage. Here at Delta Physiotherapy and Rehab Mississauga, we have experts that can help with muscle pain as a result of sport injury, even if it stems from walking a lot. Anyone who is active could benefit from a sports massage. Regardless of age, a sports massage can increase your muscles performance ability and relieve you of pain from muscle use and even some injuries. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know and why you absolutely need a sports massage as an athlete.

Why are my muscles sore?

A sports massage involves the manipulation of your muscles, joints and tendons. It differs from other kinds of massage therapy in the sense that you are not getting a massage solely for relaxation. While there are relaxation benefits from a sports massage, we also have a target in mind. The regular practice of getting a sports massage is used to help with one’s training. Contrary to other massages, a sports massage is full body, targeting all the muscles and joints that are in use during physical activity. Massages may provoke a tenderness, though that tenderness should be short lived and will be followed by a strong sense of relief. Now that you know what a sports massage is, we can dive right into the benefits.

What are the benefits of sports massages?

The benefits of a sports massage are endless. From injury prevention to advanced athletic capabilities, here at Delta Physiotherapy and Rehab Mississauga our sports massages do it all.

Injury prevention

An Injury in any sport can mean the end of a sports season or even a sports career. Luckily, getting a sports massage regularly as an athlete decreases the risk of injury while at play. Our massages help warm up tendons, joints, and muscles that you might worry about while being active. One advantage to sports massages is the fact that sore tender muscles mean other parts of your body need to compensate, by alleviating and addressing the tight or sore muscle, in the long run you could be preventing catastrophic injuries. We put your joints and tendons through a range of motion that will be beneficial when it comes to reducing the likelihood of these events happening. Receiving sports massages regularly can reduce the likelihood of overuse injuries, reinjuries and strains.

Fast recovery

As an athlete, who wouldn’t want to speed up their recovery time to get back on the court, track, or field sooner. Our sports massages help to decrease the recovery time between races or games. The unique technique used during the massage is designed to alleviate pain from built up lactic acids and other fluids that reside in your muscles, joints, and tendons. That doesn’t mean the lactic acid will just flow out of you, built up toxins need to be released with exerted energy. So rather than just lying down after a massage, taking a light walk, jog, or bike around you might find is helpful after your massage.

Pain Reduction

If you are an athlete, you undoubtedly know the pain of tight knotted muscles. Sports massages are a great solution to tight muscles in your body. A massage can help loosen up muscles, and alleviate the tight feeling that causes you pain. Sports massages have also been known to reduce the amount of scar tissue produced from an injury as well.

Stress Relief, and Relaxation

Tense muscles can be a sign of stress in the body. Whether your stress stems from a hard game, overuse, or the stress from thinking about performance, a sports massage is a great way to destress, relax, and regain focus. Regular massages can increase focus on and off the field.

Athletic performance

Peak athletic performance is something that every athlete strives to achieve. Sports massages are tools that greatly aid in attaining high performance. The benefits that stem from receiving a massage allow for greater performance. After massage you will feel lighter, more flexible, and more rejuvenated. Not to mention any tension in your body should feel relief and will no longer slow you down.

Now you know what a sports massage is and why you need one. So, next time you come into Delta Physiotherapy and Rehab Mississauga for a massage, why not try a sports massage? Contact us to set up your appointment and we would be more than happy to help you out, and be a part of your training regimen.

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