Delta Physiotherapy & Rehab offers a wide range of custom fit bracing.  Custom-fit bracing may be needed, for example, to support instability of the joint, sprains, or chronic pain.  Furthermore, once diagnosed by your doctor, our physiotherapists will provide you with a bracing plan that is best for your injury and lifestyle.

What Are the Different Types of Custom Bracing We Offer?

  • Shoulder Brace because of dislocation, SLAP Lesion, AC rupture, Rotator Cuff rupture
  • Elbow Supports & Elbow Braces because of Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, Tendonitis, sprains
  • Wrist Supports & Wrist Braces because of carpal tunnel, sprains, Tendonitis, DeQuervain’s Brace
  • Back Braces & Back Supports because of back pain and back pain prevention
  • Knee Braces & Custom Unloader because of all types of knee pain, instabilities, osteoarthritis of knee, ligamentous injuries
  • Ankle Braces & Ankle Supports because of sprained ankle, ankle pain


If you find a standard brace uncomfortable, painful or difficult to fit around your limb, a custom fit might support your healing more effectively. We find this process to be more effective with our broader understanding of physiology. We can determine how best to support the intricate system of muscles, bones and tendons.

Custom braces can reduce your downtime while you wait for the healing process to conclude itself. It can also mean fewer visits to the doctor and a more comfortable healing process.

Each person’s step is different — each person’s posture and gait are too. That’s why a customized fit when it comes to braces makes all the difference in how fast and how well you heal after an injury.


The first step in finding the perfect custom brace for you lies in correctly identifying its need. Some injuries are evident from the appearance but extend (through a knock-on effect) to other body regions. This is because the body has to employ other muscle groups to compensate for a weakness, placing undue strain and causing further issues.

Other injuries sometimes present with pain in one localized region, while the problem’s origin lies elsewhere. Our physiotherapists can correctly assess the overall condition and create the best custom brace for your needs.

Once we establish your needs, we create a high-quality brace. We are proud to say that our braces are made using phenomenal textiles and materials to ensure your knee brace will last indefinitely.

Knee Braces

There are several reasons you might need to wear a knee brace. It might be that you experience pain during sports activities. An injury might cause it, you might be recovering from surgery, or you might be experiencing unexplained pain or stiffness that is relieved with the support of a knee brace.

Delta Physiotherapy & Rehab provides custom knee braces to Brampton, Mississauga and GTA residents. This service has been proven to complement other therapies. We also offer massage therapy, shockwave therapy and we have a wonderful chiropodist in Mississauga.

Here are the top knee braces and the type of use we recommend for each:

Functional Knee Brace

A functional knee brace provides support and security to the knee. It is often recommended for use by those that have suffered a previous injury. Thanks to the added support it offers, it can provide a fuller range of movement.

People who benefit from a functional knee brace might not wear it all of the time, instead opting to only wear it during activities that call for extra stability. It is particularly beneficial to those with a history of injuries (such as torn ligaments or an ACL tear). A functional knee brace can support low impact movement and protects the leg and back overall.

Unloader Knee Brace

An unloader knee brace, sometimes called an off-loader knee brace, relieves pressure from the knee while standing or stepping forwards. It’s a wonderful knee brace for those with pain and inflammation.

Conditions that relate to bone issues see an enormous improvement in symptoms relating to pain. Examples of these conditions include arthritis and osteoporosis, as well as other degenerative bone and knee issues. An unloader brace enables the wearer to continue with daily activities such as walking, moving around and enjoying low impact forms of exercise.

Prophylactic Knee Brace

The word prophylaxis refers to being preventative — and the prophylactic knee brace lives up to that reputation. Its main purpose is to protect the knee from injury through superior shock absorption technology. A prophylactic knee brace is often used by athletes to protect the knee from strain and injury during sports.

It’s a highly beneficial tool to have in your artillery in competitive and high impact sporting environments. It works by absorbing the force that is placed on the joint and the ligaments in the knee. People use it during activities such as running, jumping, playing football and other fast-paced sports with a high risk of injury

Rehabilitative Knee Brace

A rehabilitative knee brace is designed to facilitate healing. That means it limits movement to protect the ligaments in the knee. It also promotes healing through rest, enabling you to continue to use the leg without straining it.

A rehabilitative knee brace is used by those who experienced a severe injury and those recovering from surgery. It supports the ligaments by enforcing precise movements and patterns only. It is ideal for those experiencing ACL results or their PCL, MCL or LCL injury.

A Standard Knee Brace

A standard knee brace is the general one-size-fits-all knee brace you will find on the local drug store shelves. They’re not designed to facilitate or support the knee in any specific way. They’re effective at providing additional support to the knees if you have a minor injury.

They also work well as a preventative against damage. A standard knee brace is typically worn during low impact activity (such as walking).

Custom knee braces are designed around your specific needs. This means we can tailor-design your braces to ensure you enjoy the benefits or improved healing and a wider range of motion.
We service the local Brampton region, with our custom knee braces in Mississauga. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you get back on the path to wellness again!

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